Friday, 25 March 2011

What is App image and how to use it?

App images are new way to install our favorite linux softwares, the easy way. They are just like a .deb package which we need to double click to install it. But an App image, there is no need to actually install software. The App image contains all the needed file to run the software. So if we double click the App images, it will run the software without even installing it.

In order to make it work, we need to download and App image (obviously) and then right click it -->> open properties -->> permissions.Then check "Allow executing file as a program". Then we just need to double click the downloaded App image to run it. For example, you can download the App image of Midori and change permission of it to "Allow executing the file as a program" and double click it to run Midori . (photos are given at the end of the post). How easy.... isn't it?

Thursday, 24 March 2011

How to find out which Linux distribution you are using?

Some times you may want to know which linux distribution you are using. You may tell that while starting the Linux desktop we can see which linux distribution you are using as each linux distro has different boot splash screen and they will show the name while booting. But if you want to know which version of Ubuntu you are using like version 9.04 or 10.10 etc or if you want to know the code name given by Canonical for the Ubuntu which you are using?( Ubuntu uses code name for different versions of it. For example, Ubuntu 10.10 known as Maverick Meercat and next version 11.04 known as Natty Narwahl).In Ubuntu and other gnome based distros we can use "System Monitor" or softwares like  Ubuntu Tweak not only provides an easy way to view sytem information but a single stop destination for managing your system. But the "System Monitor" utility is only available for Gnome and if you are using KDE or any other desktop environment?There will be some apps but it will be different from one another. So what is the universal solution which will work with all the linux distros?

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Firefox 4 has been added to the Mozilla Firefox stable PPA.

Mozilla has released the Firefox 4 in their PPA. In order to add the Firefox PPA and download it type the following commands in a terminal.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Firefox 4 has been officially released.

Even though Firefox 4 is available to download  from yesterday, today Mozilla has officially released it. You can download it from here.