Monday, 16 May 2011

The best way to use gnome 3 shell

Ubuntu comes with its own shell callled unity and the rest of the distros comes with gnome 3 shell. You can read about my thoughts about unity and gnome 3 shell here. If you want to test gnome shell, you can try the live cd of opensuse and fedora 15 which uses gnome shell by default. But what if you want to test it on your favorite distro called ubuntu..? Why I prefer ubuntu to try gnome shell? I have used fedora live image but I was not able to connect to internet using my mobile. In ubuntu world , everything just works.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Quick tip: How to encrypt files in linux

We can easily encrypt files ( whether it is text file,audio or video file) in linux using the command line program called gpg.

To encrypt file:

To encrypt files using gpg, open the terminal and type the following syntax:
  • gpg -c /path to file/filename
gpg is the program we are using to encrypt the file. -c switch is used to create the encrypted file. '/path to file' is the path where the file is located and '/filename' is the name of the file to be encrypted.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My thoughts about Unity and Gnome3 shell

Recently ubuntu has switched to a new shell called unity which is built on the top of gnome 2.x series while the traditional gnome has migrated to the new incarnation of gnome called gnome 3 and it sports a different shell from the traditional gnome 2 series and unity.

Actually there is not much difference between the user interface of gnome3 shell and unity. But unity uses compiz as window manager while gnome3 relies on mutter. Ubuntu wanted to use compiz but gnome developers preffered mutter. That is the reason why ubuntu developers has created unity based on compiz.