Sunday, 26 February 2012

My favorite (and most used) Linux command line shortcuts

Linux terminal is one of my most used application. So it became necessary for me to master it. Even if we take a little bit of time for mastering the shortcuts, it will be really helpful in the long term.

Below are some of the my favorite and most used command line shortcuts which now I am using almost every time.

1. Ctrl + a  -->> For jumping to the beginning of the command

2. Ctrl + e -->> For jumping to the end of the command

3. Ctrl + w -->> To delete a word  backwards

4. Ctrl + <- (back arrow) -->> To jump one word backwards

5. Ctrl + -> (forward arrow) -->> To jump one word forward

6. Ctrl + u -->> To delete upto starting of the line from the curser

7. Ctrl + k -->> To delete upto ending of the line from the curser 

8. Ctrl + r -->> To search the command line history using key word (Press Ctrl + r and then type the words you want to search from your command line history. If you want to see the next possible result press Ctrl and r repeatedly.) This is one of my most used short cut and saves me a lot of time.

9. Ctrl + _ (underscore) --> To undo the typed characters in command line

10. Alt + . (dot) -->> to paste the last argument of the last command used

11. Alt + d -->> to delete a word forward (opposite of Ctrl + w short cut)

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