Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Restore Windows MBR even if you don't have Windows disk by using Ubuntu live cd/usb

Last time we saw how to restore MBR using windows 7 disk. But what if you don't have a Window disk but only a Ubuntu live cd or live usb disk?Yes, we can use the amazing linux to restore MBR. I have found this tip on Google plus  but never tried it my self. It is by the amazing fellow named Benjamin Humphrey who runs the most famous ubuntu blog in the planet OMG! Ubuntu!. So here is we go.

He was dual booting Windows with ubuntu and he had remved the ubuntu. Grub was controlling his boot manager and as ubuntu has been removed, Grub also got removed by it. So he wasn't able to boot into his windows partion.

He has used Ubuntu live usb and did the below steps:

1. Boot into Ubuntu off your USB stick.
2. Get Internet access.
3. Run 'sudo apt-get install lilo'
4. Run 'sudo lilo -M /dev/sda mbr'

All credits goes to Benjamin and you can find his post here.

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