Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How to fix the "built in speaker not working" issue in laptops with Ubuntu 13.04 (UEFI)

Recently I have bought a new Sony Vaio touchscreen laptop with Windows 8 UEFI boot (laptop is really good and I highly recommend it) . It was fairly easy to install Ubuntu 13.04 along side windows 8. I was successfully able to dual boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu in this laptop.

In Windows 8 as expected everything worked perfectly out of the box but it was a different story in Ubuntu. I have spent almost 3 weekends for a solution and finally found the solution from some of the old bug reports dated back to Ubuntu 8.04.

Friday, 12 July 2013

How to save using vim editor with sudo privilege

Some times we will start editing the configuration files or the files which need root privilege in vi/vim and once we are about to save it, we will understand that we haven't edited it with sudo privilege.

It may be almost impossible to think quitting the editor without saving (:q!) and start it all over again.

How to prevent cPanel apache Symlink security vulnerability

First of all, it is not an issue with cPanel but with Apache. But cPanel doesn't take it serious. When I contacted cPanel regarding this, they pointed us to their doc which has a patch. But when I asked them whether the patch is default in newer versions, they simply pointed me to http://features.cpanel.net/ and request for this. If they get enough requests, they will include this "symlink race condition protection" by default in future versions of cPanel.

You can find the feature request here. So please vote for it to make it default in cPanel.

The recommended solution by cPanel is mod_ruid + jailshell