Sunday, 8 December 2013

Port forwarding port 80 of public static ip to internal machines port 8080 in centos using iptables

I have a centos server acting as router. It has two ethernet ports eth0 and eth1. eth0 is configured with the public static ip got from my ISP. I have my internal machines connected to this centos os router machine using LAN in eth1.

For example, assume that my public static ip given by my ISP is 123.45.567.89 and it is configured in eth0. In eth1 my internal machines are connected through LAN. Internal machines are in the ip range of to

I have a web application running on one of my internal machines with IP on port 8080. I can access this web app from my internal network by typing in a web browser. But I want to get this application from my public static ip given by ISP by simply typing http://123.45.567.89/ in the web browser. How can I achieve this? By port forwarding. Follow the below steps to achieve this.

Install MTS MBLAZE 3GPLUS/MBLAZE ULTRA dongle for ZTE in Ubuntu Linux

I had recently got MTS 3GPLUS dongle. It is made ZTE and really good news about it is that it supports Linux and it is mentioned in their website (you can view the supported os list in "tech spec"). I have tried it in Windows 8, OSX Mavericks and Ubuntu 13.04 and it works really well on all these platforms.

In mac and windows, it will auto configure everything for you. But in Linux, you need to install it manually. When I plugged it into my ubuntu, it was detected as USB drive but there was no auto configure for it. Even I was not able to load the installation files in Ubuntu. Then I have to plug it into another Windows and was able to see it includes the files for installing it in Linux too.