Friday, 24 October 2014

How to install Mozilla Thunderbird in CrunchBang Linux

There is no Mozilla Thunderbird package in CrunchBang Linux. So if you try

sudo apt-get install thunderbird

it won't work. The Thunderbird is rebranded to Icedove in Debian. As CrunchBang is using Debian as upstream, it is Icedove in CrunchBang Linux also.

So we can install Thunderbird/Icedove using the below command in CrunchBang Linux and Debian.

sudo apt-get install icedove

This is as simple as it is. Hope it helps.

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  1. I know one good advice, it helped me one day. I advise you to reinstall the software, only change the order of installation. It always helped me in similar situations. I also advise you to check the settings and see if synchronization is enabled.