Thursday, 5 November 2015

Dooscape - QtWebKit browser inspired on Modern UI

Dooscape is a new browser which has a beautiful UI and it is based on Qt.  The features include :

  • Lock the web browser using password, just like locking your computer screen
  • Beautiful UI
You can download Dooscape from the GitHub repository.

$ cd ~

$ git clone

Qt 5.2 or above is a pre-requisite to install it. To install Qt, go to :

Click "Download" button :

This will download the Linux installer.

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ chmod +x
$ ./

This will open the Qt installer and you can follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

You may also want to install qt-sdk and and development tools to compile this browser. To do so, follow below steps:

sudo apt-get install qt-sdk
sudo apt-get install libqt5webkit5-dev

Once the Qt is installed, you can follow the below steps to install Dooscape Browser.

$ cd ~/dooscape
$ qmake (Optional: PREFIX=$dir)
$ make
$ make install

This will install Dooscape Browser. Now to run it, go to

$ cd ~/dooscape
$ ./dooscape

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the set up process. You can also set up password to lock the browser so that others can't see what's open in your browser once you locked your browser.

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