Sunday, 8 November 2015

Wire App - A Skype alternative from the people behind Skype

Skype has been sold to Microsoft. It is one of the most used communication platform among people. Your nanny to your new born baby uses Skype to connect with each other, especially if your family spread across the globe.

But the people behind Skype were not yet happy and so went ahead and created another communication app this time called Wire . You can just visit their pages to see how beautiful the app is.

The app provides all the features you expect from a modern communication app. Not only that, creators has placed lots of importance in the design of the app.

Features of Wire App:

  • Simple, elegant design
  • Next generation stereo HD group calls.
  • Pics, videos, music, sketches, GIFs.
  • Effortless group conversations.
  • Easily accessible on your phone, tablet and desktop.
  • Youtube and SoundCloud integration in the app itself

You can download the app for your platform by going to :

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